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Mac Puerto Marina

About us

Mac Hotels

Group History and its Philosophy

In the Mac Hotels group, since the beginning of the 80s, we aim to be a company that is at the forefront, guest orientated and with a special interest in adding value to the community in which it is established.

With a strongly familiar nature, our final aim is to achieve the loyalty of our guests; to do so we consider that the continuous investment and training and the enthusiasm of the team members, are the inalienable values that must conform our day to day. Part of the constant innovation has been the development of a new luxury brand, Pure Salt Luxury Hotels, that covers the 5 star hotels within the group.

We work with the enthusiasm and consistency needed to position the various brands and to achieve that each person that is looking for a holiday experience finds in us the best destination.

Mac Puerto Marina


To provide experiences so that guests enjoy their holidays at unique hotels, where they feel welcome and cared for and go home with a pleasant memory that encourages them to come back. Understanding and serving them is our maxim.


To be a benchmark company for guests seeking personalized, friendly and charismatic service while on holiday. We set out to always give our guests the best response.

Mac Puerto Marina


Charisma, originality, commitment, transparency


• Sea • Versatility • Experience • Uniqueness • Adaptability • Fun • Sustainability • Diversity